Hi there,

I’m Mikey, an A Level Student studying Computing, Maths, Photography and Economics and Fulford 6th Form. My main interests are in photography and technology, especially consumer devices and the software that runs upon them. I’ve managed to sneakily assign myself as project manager so I now have the power to boss everyone around.

I hope that this event will be a success and that some how, a group of teenagers will pull off an event that will amaze teachers, students and education professionals across the globe.


I’m Megan, 15 and am currently studying for my GCSE’s. I finish school in 10 weeks which is pretty scary but I’m looking forward to studying Maths, Physics, Geography and English Lit at A Level. Since becoming a ‘Digital Leader’ I’ve learnt so much and am really enjoying all the experiences and skills that I’m gaining along the way.
I enjoy organising events and I am excited to be part of the team helping to plan this alternative version of a TeachMeet which I feel really gives me the opportunity to do something different.


I’m Flossie, I’m 16 and in Year 11 at Fulford School so I am currently studying for my my GCSEs. I haven’t been a Digital Leader long, but I’ve really enjoyed all the projects we have completed so far and I am looking forward to our upcoming TeachMeet in June


Im Matt, I am 17 years old and in Year 12 at Fulford School. Currently I study Maths, Computing, Geography and Design Technology. I have many interests which include Technology and, like Mikey, take a keen interest in consumer devices and software. I also enjoy completing my private pilots licence which I do as a hobby and hope to become a commercial pilot as a job in the future. I am also a huge Arsenal fan (I was hesitant about putting this due to their current run of form) and like to play a bit of Golf here and there.
Hopefully the event will be successful and will really open up an opportunity for other students to do something like this in the future.
You can get in touch with me by:
Twitter: @MattyGibbo16
and take a look at my blog:
Will look forward to seeing everyone there!

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