After promoting the TeachtheteachersMeet excessively with people who are unfamiliar with the TeachMeet format we realised that either we are a very confusing bunch of people or the whole concept of a TeachMeet confuses people. So therefore we decided we would write an about us page hoping to explain it to the world!

‘A TeachMeet is an organised but informal meeting (in the style of an unconference) for teachers to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching with technology. These events are often organised to coincide with other educational events like the Scottish Learning Festival and the British Educational Technology and Training Show BETT.’

Above is the Wikipedia definition of a TeachMeet which we feel explains the idea relatively well. In our eyes a typical TeachMeet attendee is a teacher who is interested in pushing the boundaries of education and understand the benefits that networking presents  They meet similar minded people in these informal meetings and discuss ideas that have been successful for them within their school or classroom. The example we primarily use is Web 2.0 tools such as ‘Prezi’ however this isn’t always the case. It could be revolutionary styles of learning such as using mobile devices primarily, such as they do at Skipton Girls High School. Hopefully this should have explained the idea in a short, concise manner.

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